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Made with cucumber whitening factor, willow, vitamin C, rice whitening factor, natural ingredients that help in the restoration treatment of facial skin, quickly completing its nutrition and moisture, by adjusting the existing melanin and preventing the aging of the skin. skin. It effectively improves the vitality and transparency of the skin, leaving it refreshing, delicate, smooth and shiny. Ideal for all skin types, for daily use. Especially for skin that suffers from melasma, this product is made with the master ingredient that is arbutin, which is a plant-based compound that resembles synthetic hydroquinone but has a skin whitening effect without side effects or risk. , thus ensuring the balance of skin tone, it is also effective for people with sensitive and uneven skin tones in treating acne scars. Arbutin, cucumber and calendula are effective ingredients for the care of skin with acne sequelae, melasma spots, it is recommended to maximize its effectiveness apply it every night and remove it the next day. Si estas Fuera de EE.UU puedes comprar aqui

Dark spot facial cream based on calendula flower

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